ATM cards are now available as a payment method for our customers in Sudan

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Previously, the only payment method available to our customers in Sudan was through Bank Transfer, either by direct deposit into our account or by using the mBOK app, which obviously limits options and makes the payment process inflexible for our customers, with the support of only one bank.

One of the drawbacks of this payment method, as well, was the need for manual confirmation of transfers and payments each time by the sales team, resulting in a relatively long time in activating the customer’s order, especially in cases of high demand.

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible user experience for our customers, and to facilitate the ability of ordering and subscribing to our services, we are pleased to announce today the support of billing processes for our various services, through ATM cards, with a network covering more than 30 banks in Sudan, including ATM cards issued by all Sudanese banks except Bank of Khartoum, Faisal Bank, Salam Bank, and Al Baraka Bank.

In addition, we support the ability to pay through e-wallet cards and mobile wallets, which can be easily obtained, as their issuance does not require the opening of a bank account by the customer.

We offer the option to pay via ATM cards through the SyberPay service, which also allows payments to be made through the SyberPayPlus mobile app if the customer has an account with them.

SyberPay payment platform ATM cards

When using the SyberPay online payment gateway, the customer can pay using the service’s application by scanning the QR Code on the portal’s payment page. To make the mobile process even easier, you can press the QR code when browsing with your phone and you’ll be directly transferred to the SyberPayPlus app to complete the payment.

SyberPayPlus registration steps are easy and flexible, and you can follow the instructions, in the demo video below:

To download the SyberPayPlus app, visit the link below:

It should be noted that the option to pay through ATM cards is not only for SyberPayPlus users, as it is enough for the customer to have an ATM card from any of the supported banks, or any electronic wallet card, which only requires another step, generating an internet pin (or Known as iPIN for the card before it can be used).

You can easily create an iPIN number for your card by following the instructions at EBS at:

Mobile Wallets users can just enter their wallet phone number and PIN directly, without the need for any further steps.

What distinguishes the payment method through ATM cards is the instant activation of services immediately after payment, without having to wait for the sales team to check payments and activate the services manually, such as when paying through the bank transfer method.

We would like to thank our customers for choosing our services, and we always welcome your suggestions and opinions in order to provide you with the best possible user experience. You can share your suggestions and opinions with us by sending them to us via the contact form at:

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