A Statement on the Recent Changes regarding cPanel License

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Dear valued customers, we as all the major and other affordable hosting providers were incredibly shocked and surprised by the announcement made by cPanel, the industry-leading web hosting control panel provider, with regard to their pricing models and the sudden introduction of a totally new user-based pricing scheme.

cPanel powers almost 98% of the hosting business, and the new model will charge hosting providers based on the number of the customers they serve. (more info and discussion on the topic on WHT).

As such we are exploring different options to deal with this matter, and will probably be choosing between whether we’ll be increasing our hosting prices, or looking into moving to another web control panel.

You, our valued customers are the core of our business success, and we welcome you to share your thoughts and opinions with us, by commenting on this post in the discussion section below, your input will be of great value for us, as it will help us evaluate all the factors, and we will look into all the possible options in order to help us reach a final decision.

We incredibly understand the frustration that some of our customers may go through as a reason of this, but we share the same amount of disappointment and frustration, and along with all other providers, who were also forced to re-evaluate their business situation in light of the recent changes.

How does cPanel new licensing rates affect the industry:

The majority in the hosting business rely on cPanel in the core of their infrastructure, and as such, had to also re-evaluate whether to move to another web control panel or adjust the prices of their hosting offerings.

Please, feel free to share with us what you think, we welcome your thoughts and opinions, as they will help us very much, we will be considering all opinions and ideas.

Highest Regards,

WevrLabs™ Group Team

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