HostAdvice Research: Is VPS Hosting the Right Choice for Your Website?

This article is made in collaboration with HostAdvice, which will focus on VPS hosting and why it could be the ideal choice for your website

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VPS Hosting is a website hosting service that offers all the technical and other features you will need to get online. It is a powerful solution that can be used for all kinds of purposes and can bring you many benefits.

As you might know, there are different types of hosting services that you can get instead of VPS. However, in this article, HostAdvice (a leading popular platform specializes in the hosting industry) will focus on VPS hosting and why it could be the ideal choice for your website. So, let’s dig in!

A Brief Introduction to VPS

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and uses a special kind of virtualization technology to provide you with the services you need to get online and stay there.

Even though you will use the same physical machine as other users, you will be isolated from them and have your own dedicated slot on the machine. That way, you will not be affected by anyone’s actions. Also, you will get much more resources via a VPS hosting solution than with a shared one.

For instance, with a VPS, you will get enough bandwidth to support thousands of weekly visitors, whereas, with shared hosting, you only get enough bandwidth to support a couple of hundred weekly visitors.

Since there are hundreds of VPS providers out there, finding the best one is a tricky job. However, don’t fear; you can scroll through this list of the world’s best VPS hosting providers and pick the one that suits you the most.

Why Choose VPS?

Not only is VPS hosting a much more secure option than its more inexpensive counterpart (shared hosting), but it also offers many other benefits that might be precisely what your website needs.

More Power and Speed

VPS hosting plans will provide you with separate CPU, RAM, and storage that only you can use. Thus, you won’t be affected by another site using more power than usual and won’t experience any downtime or lag. That will enable your site to load faster. Also, since you have more power, your site will be able to support traffic spikes and an increased number of daily visitors.


A VPS enables you to have root access, which means you will have complete control over all files and apps installed on the server. So this allows you to modify and customize your server and other settings according to your needs.

For example, you can change your operating system, access server files, install whichever software you need, and more.


If you want to grow your online business fast and attract hundreds of new visitors every day, then VPS hosting is an excellent choice. Many providers, like WevrLabs, offer highly scalable VPS solutions that allow you to upgrade and downgrade your resources whenever you want. So, you can get more RAM, storage, and CPUs whenever you need them. Of course, if you feel like you don’t need the additional resources anymore, you can scale down easily in most cases.

Performance-wise, WevrLabs provides you with full root access to your server, an excellent uptime guarantee of 99.99%, enterprise-grade SSD and NVMe drives that will boost the speed of your site even further, and more!

Affordable Prices

Even though VPS hosting plans come at a higher price than shared hosting ones, they are still super affordable and fitting for all kinds of budgets. With a VPS, you get dedicated resources like root access, better performance, and advanced security features, and because you share the physical machine with other users, it comes at a significantly lower price compared to a dedicated server.

Many Use Cases

A VPS is primarily used to host websites. You can host both small and medium-sized websites, online stores with hundreds of products, business sites that need tight security and privacy, and more. However, you can use a VPS for many other things.

  1. Hosting a Web Server – the power, reliability, and security that a VPS offers is ideal for those who want to host their own web servers. Many people use it to run web server software like Nginx, Apache, OpenLiteSpeed, and more.
  2. Testing – a VPS is perfect for simulating test environments for your apps. So, if you are in the process of developing a new app, it makes it easier to fix bugs or any other issues before you launch it. It’s also great for collaboration because it allows multiple users to access the code anywhere at any time.
  3. Host a Gaming Server – you can make money from your VPS hosting subscription by hosting your own game server on it. You can host servers for games like Minecraft, Rust, World of Warcraft, and more, and then charge a fee to players that want to play on it.
  4. Create a VPN – you can use a VPS to create your own VPN server. By combining these two technologies, you get more control over your network and ensure the complete privacy of your data and information.


All in all, VPS hosting is an excellent service that can benefit you greatly. You can use it for a plethora of different things and get a great deal while you’re at it too. So, in some way, it provides the best of both worlds – the affordability and ease of use that shared hosting offers combined with the power and freedom that dedicated hosting provides!

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